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Acer Aspire 5630 Laptop RAM Upgrade and CPU Fan Cleaning

Acer Aspire 5630 Laptop RAM Upgrade and CPU Fan Cleaning

Reported Problems:

An Acer Aspure 5630 laptop was booked in for RAM upgrade to improve its speed. While doing the RAM upgrade we have also cleaned out CPU fan unit.

The Repairs:

Let’s first gain access to the RAM area, here we also see the laptop’s fan and heatsink units.

Before putting new RAM in, we’ve found that the fan is stacked with dust inside. This potentially can cause the laptop to over-heat. So we quickly cleaned it out. To do that, we first need to take the fan out.

The gap between fan and heatsink is filled with dust which blocks the fan. With a computer brush and air duster, we need to clean the dust out from the heatsink. Another look at the dust before it’s removed:

And this is after it’s been removed:

Now we proceed with upgrading RAM on this laptop. Remove the current 2 pieces of 512MB RAMs and install 2 new 2GB RAM sticks in,

And final step is to put back the fan unit and reassemble the laptop.

Now the laptop will be working a lot cooler than it used to. New RAM should give it a good performance boost. Ideally Windows Vista should be upgraded to Windows 7 64 bit to get the best out of this laptop.

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