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Acer Aspire 5750Z Screen Replacement

Replacing broken screen on Acer Aspire 5750Z laptop.

Reported Problems:

The screen is shattered with visible cracks. The laptop was bought in Brazil originally thus it may not have a standard 15-inch screen.


The Repairs:

Replacing screen on laptops is usually straight-forward, the only tricky part of this job is to make sure we have the right screen since the laptop was purchased in Brazil.

We already knew it’s a 15.6″ HD LED screen, let’s first remove the front bezel, then remove hinges if necessary and remove the broken screen. Unfortunately this guide doesn’t have pictures for removing front bezel and hinges.

After checking details of the screen, we’ve found that the screen is a standard 15.6″ HD LED screen with resolution 1366 x 768. Now the job is pretty straight forward, let’s fit a new screen in, make sure to secure the screen connection cable with strong tape so it won’t get loose later. Reassemble the display and test the laptop.




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