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Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet USB DC Jack Power Socket Repairs

Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet USB DC Jack Power Socket Repairs

Reported Problems:

An Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet was booked in for repairs on its USB port. The USB port appeared to be loosen and is no longer charging the Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire owner had to jiggle its USB charging cable to charge the Kindle tablet. The trick worked for a while but eventually the Kindle Fire stopped charging.

This problem seems to be a common issue with Amazon Kindle Fire tablets.

The Repairs:

Insert an opening tool into the gap between the Kindle Fire back cover and its screen and gently separate the back cover and the screen.

Continue around the Kindle Fire until you can separate half of the back cover from the screen, then gently remove the back cover completely.

Now we have completely removed the Kindle Fire back cover.

Next is to be disconnect all plugs from the Kindle Fire’s main board so that we can remove the main board. We won’t need to completely remove the main board though. We left a cable connected to the board because it is long enough so we can still work on the main board without having the cable in the way.

In this Kindle Fire, its USB charging port has completely broken off from the main board. This explains why it wasn’t charging at all.


Depending on the damages, we will need to decide whether the USB port can be re-soldered back onto the main board, or a new USB charging port is required. There is no easy answer for this unfortunately. The only way to find out is to try it out.

In this job, after a number of attempts to re-use the original USB charging port, the Kindle Fire still didn’t charge. Eventually we had to replace the USB port with a new one.

When soldering the USB charging jack, make sure to remove left over soldering liquid from the main board. Use flux for better soldering and avoid joining the USB port’s tiny wires.


Though it might not be necessary, we also solder the USB port from the other side of the main board, this will help to secure the USB port even better (original USB port didn’t have this).

Final steps is to carefully reassemble the device, and hope for the best.


The Kindle Fire is finally charging. This job took a number of attempts before we eventually worked it out. We had to take apart, solder, de-solder, reassemble the device for 7, 8 times before getting results.

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