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Antec Custom Built Desktop Computer Hard Drive Replacement and Data Recovery

Antec Custom Built Desktop Computer Hard Drive Replacement and Data Recovery

Reported Problems:

A custom built Antec Desktop Computer was booked in for repairs. The computer could not boot into Windows for some unknown reason. An error message of corrupted system config file came up when Windows tried to start up.

The Repairs:

When it comes to fixing computers, the more information we have from customer, the better we understand about the problem. It is a wrong assumption that computer technicians have some sort of “tools” that can easily “test everything” on a computer. The answer usually comes (indirectly) from customers.

After asking the customer a couple of questions and learned about how the problem occurred, we have determined that a check on the computer hard drive is necessary.

There are several tests to be done on a hard drive to determine if it is damaged, this process varies. A sample of hard drive test:

This hard drive test takes anywhere from one minute to one or two hour to show whether the drive is faulty or not.

Upon finishing the hard drive scan on this Antec computer, it was clear that the drive was faulty and need to be replaced. Data on the drive also need to be recovered since the drive’s partition has disappeared.

But first let’s install a new hard drive in. To do that, we have a look inside the box.

There is quite some dust inside this computer, this may have contributed to the hard drive failure or any other problems.

Let’s replace the faulty hard drive with a new one. The new drive must be compatible with the computer (supported by the computer motherboard and have same connection).

Once new hard drive is fitted in, we will now need to install Windows on the new drive.

Newly installed Windows is an empty operating system, we will then need to install drivers for the motherboard so that video card, sound card, wireless card, etc can work properly. Also some basic software will need to be installed so the computer is ready for immediate use.

Next is to recover data from the old, faulty hard drive. To do this, we connect the drive to our data recovery computer and run our dedicated data recovery tool.

This data recovery process usually take anywhere from 2 hours to a couple of days to finish. There is no one tool that will always do the job, we need to try different tools, different techniques and need a bit of luck.

Fortunately, this job went smoothly and we managed to save all data on the old drive on the very first attempt. Last thing to do is transferring data onto the new hard drive then restore the data back to where it should be. The process of restoring data is manual, not automated, things will not be exactly how they were but we will try to restore as much as we can.

Now the computer is up and running normally with the new hard drive. Important data has been successfully recovered, the customer will just need to reinstall some software programs that he/she may have before (ie iTunes, Skype).

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