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Apple iMac Computer Hard Drive Upgrade and RAM Upgrade

Apple iMac Computer Hard Drive Upgrade and RAM Upgrade

Reported Problems:

An Apple iMac Computer was booked in for hard drive upgrade and RAM upgrade. The old hard drive was almost full, and the computer was slow.

Customer has requested a 1TB hard drive upgrade and maximum RAM upgrade to get the most juice out of this computer. Data on the computer is, of course, important and need to be transferred onto the new drive too.

The Repairs:

RAM upgrade is always the easiest one, so let’s start with RAM.

Remove the old RAM out from the iMac.

Now we get the new RAM and install them onto the same place.

Next we will upgrade the hard drive. Let’s start disassembling the iMac.

Upgrading hard drive on iMac is not as easy as normal desktop computers. This upgrade requires taking apart several parts on the iMac. Let’s remove the frontal frame.

Here we can see quite some dust that has stacked up in the computer fans. Use a computer brush, portable vacuum cleaner and air duster to clean out the dust. This will help the computer work better and prevent over-heating issue.


After cleaning:

Now we take the big screen out. Take extra precaution here because the screen is attached to logic board and you don’t want to rip the connection cables off by accident. This screen is quite expensive so handle it with care.

Now we can proceed with replacing the old hard drive with new 1TB one. Make sure to carefully remove existing connection to the drive and reconnect it properly.

The hard work is now done, simply reassemble the iMac in reversed order of this guide.

With the new 1TB drive installed, we can now install Mac OS X onto the new drive. Insert Mac OS X CD in and start the installation. Note that the new drive will need to be formatted before you can install Mac OS X operating system.

Now we should have the Mac OS X system up and running properly on the new 1TB hard drive with maxmium RAM. Last thing to do is to transfer data from the old drive back onto this iMac computer. There are different ways to do this, via USB connection, or via the network, whichever is the fastest or easiest.

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