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Apple MacBook Air A1346 2010 Keyboard, TouchPad and Connection Ribbon Cable Replacement

Apple MacBook Air A1346 2010 Keyboard, TouchPad and Connection Ribbon Cable Replacement

Reported Problems:

An extremely complicated job was booked in this time. Apple MacBook Air A1346 laptop, 2010 model with water spill damage.

(The above picture is borrowed from another MacBook Air laptop repairs job).

Strange random characters come up when typing on this MacBook Air.

The Repairs:

At this stage, we can only assume that only keyboard will need to be replaced. The keyboard is the first to be replaced since it had direct contact with spilt liquid.

Let’s have a look at what’s underneath the bottom cover.


(Surprisingly we found some rice inside the laptop)

All the parts that we see here need to be removed before we can replace the keyboard.

A similar job was done in another post so we’re going to re-posting it here:

Battery need to be disconnected to stop power going in to the laptop, so let’s take the battery out from the laptop.

There we’ll see logic board, fan and other parts. All these parts need to be removed before keyboard can be taken out.

Take extra precaution here because these electronic parts are sensitive, any “minor” accidental damages can be very destructive.


Once fan, logic board, wireless adaptor etc are removed from the laptop, we should have the below (speakers not yet removed).

Now let’s take out a same keyboard (integrated in aluminum case).

Different MacBook Air has different keyboard, make sure the part is compatible otherwise it will not fit and will not work.

Now we need to remove the keyboard and bottom casing from the laptop’s display panel.

Let’s put in the new keyboard, connect it to the display panel, reassemble the laptop and test it out.

After reassembling the laptop, most of the keys worked but some didn’t work properly. These keys returned random characters when typed (ie Ctrl, or Option keys). At this point, we realised that there are still something else damaged in this MacBook Air.

Again we opened up the laptop to have a closer look at other parts. After carefully checking the laptop, we found its touchpad unit had a tiny liquid stain and looked like it’s been damaged, also a ribbon cable had some stain on it and likely to be damaged too.

There were no other options but to replace both these 2 parts. Make sure to replace with exact same parts as a tiny difference means you’ve wasted your money.

(Unfortunately we didn’t take photo of the ribbon cable)

Now we have finished replacing 3 parts on this Apple MacBook Air A1346: keyboard and bottom case, touchpad unit and connection ribbon cable.

We reassembled the laptop and tested it out. This time, it was fixed for good, all keys on keyboard worked absolutely fine, touchpad worked perfectly.

What a journey it has been!

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