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Apple MacBook Air Laptop Logic Board Replacement

Apple MacBook Air Laptop Logic Board Replacement

Reported Problems:

An Apple MacBook Air laptop was booked in. The laptop need repairs on a no-booting issue. As “usual”, the laptop had been working fine before it came up with this problem for no clear reason.

The Repairs:

Before replacing the logic board, we have done a number of tests and confirmed that it was most likely to be logic board issue. Logic board for Apple MacBook Air is expensive, thorough testings are required to ensure we’re not replacing the wrong part.

Now let’s remove the battery from the laptop before further repairs are done.

Now we will need to remove almost all parts we see here before we can take out the logic board.


Take extra precaution here because these electronic parts are sensitive. Any accidental damages mean you will need to spend more to buy replacement parts.

Now we fit in new replacement logic board for this MacBook Air laptop, it must be an identical part otherwise you’ve wasted your money. A tiny difference means it may not work.

What’s left is to reassemble the laptop and test it out.

The laptop turns on fine and boot into Mac OS system perfectly.

We tried out other things such as Airport wireless, surfing the internet and found no other problems.

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