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Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch A1278 Laptop Keyboard and Glass Cover Replacement

Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch A1278 Laptop Keyboard and Glass Cover Replacement

Reported Problems:

An Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch A1278 laptop was booked in for repairs. The laptop had liquid spill on its keyboard and broken glass cover.


The keyboard is no longer working properly and touchpad causing mouse to jump randomly on screen.


The Repairs:

After checking the computer, to fix this laptop, we had to replace the keyboard and glass cover, and clean the touchpad unit.

Let’s have a look inside the laptop.

The fan unit has some dust inside, we will clean it out with a computer brush and air duster.

Now we will take out the laptop logic board. Take extra precaution here since these electronic parts are fragile, any accidental damages may cost you a new part.

Then we will remove the DVD drive. The drive has some stain on it as result of the spill. We cleaned out the stain with isopropyl alcohol.

Here we can see a lot of stain on the laptop keyboard backlit.

Liquid is the worst enemy of electronic devices. Parts that had direct contact with liquid are likely to be damaged beyond repairs and need to be replaced.

Let’s take a closer look on the back side of this MacBook Pro keyboard.

Obviously something was blown up here.

Now we will need to remove the keyboard unit from its aluminium casing.

There are quite a lot of sticky liquid left on the keyboard.

From this, simply take out a replacement Apple keyboard and backlit units (must be the same otherwise it will not fit), install the parts in reversed order of this guide.

We now have the MacBook Pro with new keyboard and backlit, we will test it out after replacing glass cover.


Before removing the glass cover, let’s first remove its protective back cover.

With a heat gun, heat up the glass cover. Do NOT over-heat the glass cover otherwise you may damage other components underneath.

Using a strong suction cup, lift up the glass cover.

This job went smoothly, we managed to remove the glass cover nicely without breaking a sweat. The glass cover may break into pieces in many occasions.

Now the glass cover has been removed.

Last thing to do is to stick a new glass cover back in. Make sure to use a soft brush to wipe off any dust inside before installing the glass cover otherwise you won’t be able to remove the dust later.

All hard work is done, now we just need to test it out.


Let’s check every key on the keyboard to make sure they are working properly.

Yep, all keys worked perfectly as they should.

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