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Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch A1260 Laptop Logic Board Replacement

Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch A1260 Laptop Logic Board Replacement

Reported Problems:

An Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch A1260 laptop was booked in for repairs.


The laptop could not boot into Mac OS X operating system. We ran a couple of tests on the laptop and found its screen went pixelated.


The Repairs:

After doing more tests and diagnostics, we have determined that logic board for this Apple MacBook Pro A1260 laptop will need to be replaced.

Let’s first open up the keyboard cover.

We’ll have a look inside this MacBook Pro A1260 laptop.

Disconnect all components here and remove the laptop’s logic board.

The logic board looks like it has been stretching over the years and might have been over-heated.

Let’s take a look at the heatsink unit

We found quite a lot of dust had got into the heatsink causing the laptop to over-heat. Over-heating is the root for a number of problems on any laptops and computers. If left uncleaned, every computer will fail at some stage.

Here clean out the dust with a computer brush and air duster, wipe the aluminium casing with isopropyl alcohol.

Now it’s time to take out a replacement Apple logic board and fit it in. The board must be the same otherwise it will not work.

Make sure to apply new good thermal compound on the new board.

Last is to reassemble the laptop and test it out.

The MacBook Pro laptop turns on normally as it should. Let’s see if it boots up Mac OS X system.

So far so good, make sure to measure temperature on the laptop, if it stays between 40 an 45 Celsius then the job is finished.

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