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Apple MacBook Pro Unibody 13-inch A1278 Laptop Screen and LED Cable Replacement

Apple MacBook Pro Unibody 13-inch A1278 Laptop Screen and LED Cable Replacement

Reported Problems:

An Apple MacBook Pro Unibody 13-inch laptop was booked in with a strange problem. The laptop screen has lines sometimes, a blur duplicated image appeared on the screen, and the screen blacks out occasionally.


After a number of testing, we have concluded that both of the laptop screen and LED cable must be replaced. Prepare well for this job because this one will require a lot of time, skills and experience. Available spare parts are essential to complete the job right and important for testing.

Let’s remove the laptop bottom cover.

Here we’ve found that the laptop fan has some dust, let’s quickly clean it out. Using cleaning oil will help if necessary. Use a computer brush to clean out the dust.


Remove the laptop battery to stop power to the laptop.

Now disconnect LED cable from logic board, disconnect left speakers, then put the laptop to stand on its side.

Un-screw both hinges and carefully remove the display panel from bottom casing of the laptop.

Now we’ve got the display panel removed on this MacBook Pro laptop. The most difficult part is not yet to start.

Use a heat-gun, heat up the glass cover on the laptop display, take extra precaution here since over-heating it will cause damages on other parts inside the display. Not enough heat on the other hands will not help.


With a suction-cup, lift the glass cover up separating it from the display. Be careful here because the glass cover is fragile and can break easily if you use too much force. This process sometimes may break the glass cover so always make sure to have a replacement one in case.

Once that’s done, we can now remove the laptop screen and pull out its LED cable.

Check the screen details, make sure that you have a compatible screen and LED cable. Install the new screen and connect new LED cable.

Follow the same steps in reversed order to reassemble the laptop.

Now we’ve got an Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch A1278 laptop with new screen, new glass cover (if replaced), new LED cable, with internal fan cleaned. Let’s test it out.


So far so good, the problem is fixed and the laptop is working well.

Apple MacBook Pro laptops are designed differently comparing to others, replacing screen on these MACs requires a lot more work to be done.

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