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Apple Power Mac G5 RAM Replacement

Apple Power Mac G5 RAM Replacement

Reported Problems:

An Apple Power Mac G5 computer was booked in with no-booting problem. The computer powers on but not showing anything on screen, just a plain black screen, front LED light on the G5 blinks 3 times. The problem seems to be some issue relating to RAM.

Below is a sample animated picture showing the blinking LED light.

Let’s first remove the side cover and have a look inside this Apple Power Mac G5 computer and look for its RAM.

Since the computer doesn’t start at all, we can’t run a RAM test, the only option is to try a compatible RAM in. This G5 has 4 RAMs inside, after a number of tests including swapping RAM, removing one by one, we have narrowed it down and found one stick of RAM that caused the problem.

Now we just need to install a compatible piece of RAM in. This requires available spare parts to test one by one. The first RAM we installed didn’t fix the problem so we moved on to trying another one with double capacity. Eventually we found one that worked.

That’s all done, final things to do are re-assembling the side cover and test it out. With the new replacement RAM installed, the Apple Power Mac G5 started up without a problem and booted to log in screen normally. The customer picked up the computer on the same day.

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