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ASUS A53T Laptop DC Power Jack Repairs

ASUS A53T Laptop DC Power Jack Repairs

Reported Problems:

A customer has brought in an ASUS A53T laptop which was dropped and its power jack (or power socket) was damaged, it was pushed toward inside the laptop and the charger can no longer plug in to charge.

This guide is one of the early ones, unfortunately not many photos of the repair process were taken.

The Repairs:

Let’s start by removing all screws from the bottom case, then remove the laptop’s keyboard.

Once the keyboard is removed, next we removed its top cover.

From this point, we now see the laptop’s motherboard and also see the DC power jack. It was clear that the jack has fallen off its bottom casing and pushed toward inside.

The part itself was not damaged however the plastic cover which was responsible for holding the jack in place was broken.

It’s easy just to put the jack back to where it should be, but we had to work out a way to secure it so it won’t get loose later.

In this case, we used super glue to firmly secure the jack onto the bottom case, together with strong double-side tape to hold the jack onto the remaining undamaged plastic cover. The key point is to use a decent super glue and good tape. If the bottom casing is damaged too much, it will need to be replaced, luckily we didn’t need to in this job.

Once that’s done, we’ve added a piece of rubber to stop the jack from moving ( the rubber also was secured to bottom case by super glue).

Now that’s all done, next is to test the jack with its charger, try it out to make sure it’s not moving and reassemble the laptop.

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