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ASUS Desktop Computer RAM Upgrade and CPU Fan Cleaning

ASUS Desktop Computer RAM Upgrade and CPU Fan Cleaning

Reported Problems:

An ASUS desktop computer was booked in for RAM upgrade to improve its performance.

The Repairs:

Let’s first have a look inside the computer.

There is quite some dust inside, it’s a good time to clean it out.

CPU Fan and heatsink unit is full of dust. This potentially causes over-heating on processor unit and system malfunction eventually.

The hard drive is also covered in dust, which may reduce its life if its breath hole is blocked.

We first take out the computer’s current RAM.

We will need to find a compatible RAM to upgrade. Wrong RAM or incompatible RAM won’t boot the computer up.

Remove the CPU Fan and heatsink, we will need to take out the fan clean it with a computer brush and air duster.

After cleaning the fan and heatsink:

Now we will install the fan and heatsink back onto the computer motherboard, and insert new RAM sticks in (Do NOT use excessive force when installing these parts in otherwise you may cause permanent damage to the motherboard)

We’re not finished here yet, after installing RAM, we will need to run compatibility test to make sure the computer accepts the new RAM.

Once the test finishes, we can now boot Windows. Computer Properties should now show the upgraded amount of RAM.

Extra RAM helps improve the computer speed. RAM is particularly helpful when opening multiple programs at the same time.

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