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ASUS K53S Laptop DC Power Jack Replacement

ASUS K53S Laptop DC Power Jack Replacement

Reported Problems:

An ASUS K53S laptop was booked in for repairs. The laptop’s DC power jack appears to be a little loosen. The laptop is no longer turning on since its battery has gone flat.


The Repairs:

Even though customer has said the power jack seems to be the problem, a quick check found that the power socket was not so loose. However due to the fact that the laptop is not getting any power through, it may indicate that the DC power jack may have some damage inside. The only option is to take this computer apart and have a closer look.

Let’s first remove the laptop’s keyboard and touchpad casing.

Here we can have a quick look at the DC power jack but nothing can be done at this stage.

Interestingly, the part looks absolutely perfect, there is no visible damage or any signs that it has come loose.

Let’s remove the motherboard from its bottom casing.

Here we can have a closer look at the other side of the DC power jack.

Still no visible damage that we could spot, however testing has confirmed that there is no power coming through from the jack, so let’s replace it.

Use a soldering station, carefully remove the jack. Make sure not to cause further damage to the motherboard and other components near the jack. Take extra precaution here since any small accidental damage may cost you a whole new motherboard.

Once the jack is removed, it’s now clear that one of its metal pin was broken, though it was quite difficult to spot it out at the beginning.

Now we’ll go though our collection of common DC power jacks and find one that matches.

There are dozens of different types, this process is manual, one by one hand-picked and comparing. And we’ve found one that matched. Let’s start soldering the new one onto the motherboard.

Again, take extra precaution here when soldering the new jack onto the laptop motherboard. The heat from soldering iron is high and can melt any solder that comes in contact with. You don’t want to damage other components by accident while soldering the DC jack.

Once that’s done, we should have a new DC power jack installed.

Now the rest of the job is simpler. Make sure the jack is nice and clean then reassemble the laptop and test it out, seeing power going to the laptop means you’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Usually other parts are intact when the DC power jack is damaged.

Replacing laptop power jack is never an easy job since it requires taking the computer apart, dedicated tools & machines, available spare parts; but it is an intriguing job and a solid repair. The new jack generally will last until you break it again.

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