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Clevo Gaming Notebook P170HM Graphics Card (GPU) Repairs

Clevo Gaming Notebook P170HM Graphics Card (GPU) Repairs

Reported Problems:

A Clevo gaming notebook P170HM was booked in for repairs.


Out of 13,000+ jobs that we have done, this is only the 3rd Clevo gaming laptop that was booked in (another Clevo gaming notebook with this exact same problem). Clevo gaming notebooks are expensive, high end custom built gaming laptops, spare parts for these laptops are usually limited, very hard to find and sometimes even not available.

The laptop has problem with no booting. It powers on, LED lights are on but screen is just blank. No sign of Windows running, nothing shows up on external LCD screen so the screen itself is not the problem.


 The Repairs:

Knowing that replacement spare parts are hard to find (and expensive), we will first need to examine this laptop to assess its damage and determine which options to take. At this stage we did not know what caused the problem yet.

Let’s first have a look inside the laptop.


The 2 fans do not look so bad, this does not necessarily means that the laptop didn’t over-heat though.

We’ll remove the fans and look at the laptop’s heatsink units.

There is quite some dust there that blocked the heatsink ventilation. This may have caused over-heating since this laptop might have been used for heavy gaming. Using a computer brush and air duster, clean out the dust from the 2 heatsink units.

Let’s take out this Clevo gaming laptops’ video card (or also called graphics card, or GPU).

After checking its both sides carefully, the GPU doesn’t look like it had been badly damaged, replacing it might be unnecessary at this stage. After discussing with the owner of the laptop, we have decided to proceed with attempting to repair this video card first without replacing it for now.

Using a rework station, we performed a repairs on this video card and reinstall it back onto the laptop motherboard.

Also we need to apply new thermal compound on this video card as a precaution to prevent over-heating issue later on.

The old thermal compound:

After applying new thermal compound:


Last is to reassemble the laptop and test it out.

At last BIOS screen has shown up, that’s better than how it used to be.


This time luck is on our side, Windows boots up fine and this Clevo gaming notebook is back alive.

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