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Dell Vostro V130 Laptop DC Power Jack Replacement

Dell Vostro V130 Laptop DC Power Jack Replacement

Reported Problems:

A Dell Vostro V130 laptop was booked in for repairs.


The laptop was dropped and its DC power jack has been broken. The jack’s pin inside is missing and the laptop is no longer turning on since AC adaptor cannot plug in.

The Repairs:

Repairs on this DC power jack is usually straight-forward, the tricky part is getting the right jack for this laptop. There is no part number or model number to look up, the only way to find out is to remove the broken jack from the laptop motherboard.

This Dell Vostro V130 laptop is quite thin, taking it apart is nowhere similar to taking apart other common laptops.

Let’s have a look inside the laptop first.

There we already can see the laptop’s motherboard and one side of the damaged DC power jack, but there is nothing we can fix here yet.

Notice that a small piece at the right side of the jack is almost off the motherboard (we must keep this piece when removing the jack).

To fix this power jack, we will need to remove the motherboard from the laptop.

Turn it around and we will see the other side of the laptop’s DC power jack.

Now we will need to remove the power jack from the motherboard. Using a soldering station, desolder the jack and remove it.

It is extremely important here that you must not break the the tiny metal rings (looks like a ring at least) that hold the jack’s legs, the “rings” are required for soldering new jack in, you won’t be able to replace the “rings” if they are gone.

Now we should have finished removing the jack from this Dell Vostro v130 laptop motherboard.


Notice that the small piece next to the jack is off from the motherboard. This was unavoidable in this job since it was already damaged at the beginning, but we will put it back later.

Next is to look for a replacement DC power jack for this Dell Vostro V130 laptop, it must be the same or at least similar otherwise it will not fit in. We’ll go through our collection of different DC power jacks.

Eventually we found one that matched.

Soldering a new jack in is easier than removing the broken one.

The soldering didn’t go so smoothly this time since the jack we had was not identical but only similar to original one, plus the small piece of plastic that had gone off the board which made the job a little tricky), it took us 2 attempts in this job before we successfully soldered the new jack. First attempt, we soldered a similar power jack in, but later found that the motherboard will not fit back into the laptop housing (due to a tiny difference in its shape), thus we had to remove the new jack again. We made it in the second attempt with a different power jack.


Next is to reassemble the laptop with new DC power jack.

The new jack fits perfectly.

We’ll quickly see if the laptop detects its AC adaptor by plugging it in (without battery).

The front LED light is on, which means it’s working so far. We’ll now ready to fully assemble the laptop and test it out in Windows.


Both LED lights are on which indicates that power is coming through from AC adaptor and battery is being charged. Let’s see how Windows is taking the new jack.

All good, the new DC power jack for this Dell Vostro V130 laptop is working just like original. A very difficult job, but happy ending at last.

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