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Desktop Computer CPU Fan Heatsink Cleaning

Desktop Computer CPU Fan Heatsink Cleaning

Reported Problems:

A custom built desktop computer was booked in for repairs. This computer needed some general system clean inside to get rid of dust inside, preventing over-heating and potential system malfunction.

The Repairs:

We first have a look inside the computer.

Dust and rust are amongst the most common causes for serious system failures for any computers. It is always a good practice to maintain internal components and parts in clean condition.

We will remove the CPU fan and heatsink units.

* Removing and installing CPU fan and heatsink have special requirements. Wrong doings WILL result in permanent damages on the parts and will require replacement parts.

Thermal compound has almost worn out, let’s wipe it out and apply new one.

We now look at the fan and heatsink.

Take out the fan, we will see the heatsink is stacked with dust.


Generally lots of heat generates from the computer processor, which then will transfer to the heatsink. The fan is responsible for blowing the heat out from heatsink unit out. Dust between fan and heatsink will interfere this cooling process and result in system failures in the future.

Using a computer brush and air duster, we will clean out dust on the computer fan and heatsink.


Now we simply put it back together and install the parts back onto the computer motherboard.

A clean CPU fan and heatsink will greatly prolong computer’s life.

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