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HP Compaq F700 Motherboard Replacement

HP Compaq F700 Motherboard Replacement

Reported Problems:

This laptop has been over-heating and it’s now no longer working. The computer powers on, LED lights flash but nothing shows on screen.

After receiving this laptop, a couple of tests have been done (ie HDD test, RAM test, screen test, motherboard reset, motherboard isolation test) and the problem is confirmed to be failed motherboard.


Over-heating generally can lead to a number of problems. Cooling pad can help but most over-heated computers will definitely fail at some stage.

A “cleaning” job sounds “easy” and many customers often assume it to be easy. Unfortunately there is no quick-and-easy way to clean out dust from laptop fans since the fans are attached underneath motherboard. Keep on reading and you will find out why.

The Repairs:

Let’s start by removing all screws from the laptop and take out keyboard and power button cover.

Now remove all visible screws, wires and remove the display panel.

Remove the keyboard top cover and we’ll see the motherboard sitting on bottom casing.

There’s the fan at top left corner. You will find it impossible to take out the fan for cleaning because it’s attached to a heatsink, and the heatsink is attached to underneath motherboard. No cleaning can be done up to this stage.

Now let’s remove the motherboard together with fan and heatsink. Take extra precaution in this step since any accidents will do a lot of damages (not so much here since the board is already dead).

As you can see, the fan is attached to heatsink, and heatsink is attached to motherboard.

Another look at the fan.

It’s now time to remove the heatsink and fan and do some cleaning.


To do a good “cleaning” job, we will need to take apart the fan unit. The above photos explain why the laptop died. It clearly has been stressing over the years because dust has been keeping heat inside.

This will probably answers a very common question “my laptop just died…for no reason. Why?”. Well, no wonder why if you see this :)

Use a computer brush to clear out the dust, use tissue and cleaning oil to clean the fan. Spray cleaning oil to inside of the fan helps it work better and quieter. You can’t use finger to reach the small gap in the fan, so a cleaning oil spray can with easy-reach nozzle will help.

Use isopropyl alcohol and tissue to remove worn-out thermal paste on CPU and GPU chips, apply new, good thermal compound; use a thin copper in necessary to help greatly reduce heat. Take extra precaution when using copper, it needs to have correct size.

Once cleaning is done, simply take out new motherboard, transfer CPU unit and install the “as-new” heatsink and fan onto the new board.

Now we simply reassemble the laptop in reversed order of this guide and test it out.


So far so good, now simply double check to make sure Windows is starting up fine, any new drivers are installed then we’re done.

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