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HP Pavilion DV6-1247TX Laptop Screen Replacement

HP Pavilion DV6-1247TX Laptop Screen Replacement

Reported Problems:

A HP Pavilion DV6-1247TX laptop was booked in with screen problem. The screen itself doesn’t appear to have any crack or physical damage but lines are showing across the screen.


The Repairs:

Testing has confirmed the problem is the screen itself, so let’s replace it.

We first take out the screen cover and have a look at the screen itself.

Now we know that it’s a 16″ LCD screen, we will need an exact same screen to replace it. The replacement screen must have same size, same specs, same resolution otherwise it may not work properly. We’ll now remove the defective screen from the laptop.

This screen is attached to its glass cover by strong tape, so take extra precaution when removing the screen since you may damage the glass cover.

Once the screen is cleanly removed, simply put new one in, secure it and reassemble the laptop and test it out.

Make sure dust are wiped off the glass cover and new screen, otherwise it will stay inside the gap and you can’t wipe it off later.

So far so good, the new screen works just fine, final steps are to do a general cleaning to make the laptop look just like new.

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