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MSI GT680 Gaming Laptop Repairs: GPU Graphics Repairs and Screen Replacement

MSI GT680 Gaming Laptop Repairs: GPU Graphics Repairs and Screen Replacement

Reported Problems:

An MSI GR680 gaming laptop was booked in for repairs. The laptop graphics card (GPU) has failed and the computer is no longer booting. The laptop screen is also broken and its top corner is not showing image.


The Repairs:

We will first have a look inside this laptop fan and heatsink. Over-heating is usually the root of GPU failure.

The heatsink is obviously filled with dust which blocked ventilation and caused over-heating on this MSI laptop, especially this laptop is used heavily for gaming.

Let’s take a look at the laptop fan.

It’s a big fan and still working well, but the dust may have slowed it down a little. Using a computer brush, air duster to clean it out.

Thermal compound also looks like it has worn out, we will need to clean the old paste and apply new one on top.

We will now remove the graphics card (GPU) to fix it.

This graphics card will need repairs or replacement. In this job, we have decided to attempt a repairs first since cost for a new card is expensive and turn-around time is longer.

Once repairs is finished, simply reinstall the card back onto the laptop motherboard and test it out. Make sure to apply new thermal compound to prevent over-heating.

This MSI GT680 laptop is now working as it should, first task is completed. Next is to replace the broken screen for this laptop.

To remove the broken screen, let’s first remove the front cover from the laptop. Be careful not to break any plastic clips underneath it.

Now we can remove the laptop hinges and then remove the broken screen.

Now we will get a new same screen to fit in. Make sure to secure its connection cable.

Let’s try out the new screen for the laptop.

So far so good, the new screen works just fine.

Last thing to do is to measure temperature on the computer to make sure it will not over-heat again.

The measured temperature is in ideal condition between 40 to 50 celcius.

A time-consuming job, fortunately it all went smoothly and this MSI GT680 gaming laptop is now fixed and working normally.

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