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Toshiba Qosmio X500 Laptop Motherboard and Video Card Replacement

Toshiba Qosmio X500 Laptop Motherboard and Video Card Replacement

Reported Problems:

A Toshiba Qosmio X500 laptop was booked in for repairs. This Qosmio is a heavy 18″ gaming laptop.


It appeared that the laptop was used heavily for gaming. The owner of the laptop had said that the computer was over-heated and smoke came out from the laptop before it went dead. Right now the laptop is totally “dead”, no lights show up when AC adaptor is plugged in (even with different AC adaptors).


The Repairs:

After a number of testings, we have confirmed that the following parts need to be replaced: AC adaptor, nVidia video card, and motherboard (or mainboard).

A complicated job lies ahead and quite a risk to take in this job since every part for this laptop is expensive, thorough testings had to be done before we decided to order in parts.

Let’s start taking the laptop apart. Remove the keyboard and top casing.

Here we can see one side of the motherboard and fans. The fans appear to have quite some dust inside which caused over-heating problems.

We will now remove the motherboard from the laptop to inspect further.


Here we can see clear marks of burnt chips and capacitors on both of the laptop’s motherboard and video card. Part of the motherboard was burned and have black mark on it. We could even smell the burning here still.

The nVidia video card is in much worse condition. Some capacitors obviously had been on fire. This explains why the laptop was smoking and never turned on again.


The other side of this nVidia graphics card:

Now we have pulled out the parts, simply take out new replacement parts and start putting this Qosmio X500 together.

Before that we will also need to clean out its fans. Make sure to take the fan and heatsink units apart and clean them with a computer brush, air duster and cleaning oil.

After cleaning out the dust to prevent the laptop from over-heating, we will start reassembling the computer.

After spending much time for testings, taking the computer apart then reassembling it, now it’s the moment of truth. Let’s test it out with new parts.

There it is, the laptop is saved and turning on again. After spending another an hour and a half, we found that we should reinstall Windows on this Qosmio laptop to get best results.

Make sure to back up data first before installing Windows.

Now we have a clean installed Windows on a much-cleaner Qosmio X500 laptop and it’s working good as new.

The job does not end here yet, next is to restore data from previous Windows onto the newly installed one. Last is to measure operating temperature inside the laptop. We must ensure that the system cooling fans are working better and the laptop is no longer over-heating.

Let’s have a closer look at the measured temperature:

All chipsets and graphics chip are working at 32 to 46 celcius which is ideal. With this, we are happy that this Toshiba Qosmio X500 laptop is fixed for good.

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